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Welcome to my tin train collection website. As my collection continues to grow, I thought I would share it with other collectors to enjoy as well. Most of my collection is Japanese friction, wind-up and battery operated trains from the 1950’s and 1960’s.

I have grouped my collection into five categories: Steam, Diesel, Interurban/Trolley, Battery Operated, and Miscellaneous. Each category has photo links that describe the engine. I have listed trains by the approximate year of production, train name, manufacturer and the length in inches. I also have a Buy and Sell page, and a What’s New section for recent additions, including links for other train and toys resources.

I do not have any rarity index or values listed on this site since price is relative to what someone is willing to pay and scarcity is objective. I know that there are common pieces that I run across often, as well as early pre-war toys that don’t ever seem to come up for sale. The box and condition often seem to impact the value of vintage toys. Feel free to email your thoughts, comments or corrections to: tintrainstation@yahoo.com.


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